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Delegate Honors Military Women


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May 27, 2005 – In advance of the Memorial Day Weekend, Delegate to Congress Donna M. Christensen along with her colleagues in the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues attended a Wreath Laying Ceremony at Arlington National Ceremony on Thursday in honor of the women who serve in our armed services and who have passed on.
"With so many of our women serving in all branches of the services including the National Guard, it is important to remember that many of them have given their lives in conflict and in support of their brothers-in-arms," Christensen said. The Delegate remembered Sergeant Maudlin White, who died in the Pentagon on September 11 and former Senator Ruby M. Rouss, who rose to the rank of Master Sergeant during her World War II service. "One gave her life for her country and the other served with distinction both in and out of the military in dedication to her fellow man," Christensen said.
"Although on Memorial Day, we honor those who have passed on, it is fitting at this time of conflict, with so many of our soldiers in harm's way, to honor those who are currently serving such as Colonel Caroline Adams, an aviator in the National Guard and Natasha Rabsatt of St. Thomas who will graduate from West Point military academy this weekend.
And while Christensen honored the women who have served, she urged all to remember the men and women who are currently serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas around the world, particularly those who have given their lives since September 11. Delegate Christensen is expected to attend Memorial Day commemorations in the territory on Monday.


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