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FYI: Sen. Celestino A. White


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June 7, 2005 – Senators Celestino A. White, Sr., has written to Governor Charles Wesley Turnbull requesting that he direct the Office of Management and Budget Director, Ira Mills, to release funds recently approved by the 26th Legislature and signed into to law on March 5, 2005.

On March 5, 2005, Governor Turnbull approved Bill 26-003, now Act No. 6730, which provided the sum of $360,000 in fiscal year ending September 30, 2005 from the interest earned on debt service to install potable water line in Estate Nadir and for other areas on St. Thomas, according to Senator White.

Funds which was originally set aside for the Estate Nadir expansion project, was subsequently depleted as a result of the long dispute between the Water and Power Authority and the Department of Public Works as to who would pay for the repaving of the road once the waterlines were laid. The residents of Nadir have been patient for years and the Governor agreed when he signed into law Bill 26-003 which once again provides funding for the Estate Nadir potable water project, stated Senator White.

I am calling on Governor Turnbull to demonstrated the same leadership he did when he signed the Bill, by directing his Budget Direct to release the funds so this long awaited project can proceed, concluded Senator White.


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