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Sen. Barshinger Responds to Whitman Browne


Dear Source,
I am responding to Whitman Browne's letter to the Source of August 26. in response to an ongoing intimidation of the Fretts by unknown perpetrators, I organized a Unity Rally on Saturday, August 20. We proclaimed zero tolerance for racism in the Virgin Islands.
To get the facts, readers can refer to coverage of the rally & march in the Source Unity Rally Stresses Need for Racial Harmony, Understanding, as well as the St. John Tradewinds and the St. Croix Avis.
Although persuasively written, there were some substantial factual errors in Mr. Browne's letter. A situation of apparent hate crimes demands a levelheaded approach. It is important to look straight at the facts and neither inflame the situation nor deny it.
-Craig Barshinger
Senator At Large
26th legislature

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