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Kean High School Classes Suspended Due to Maintenance Issues


Sept. 3, 2005 – Ivanna Eudora Kean High School students were dismissed early Friday afternoon following a meeting with school administrators, AFT building representatives and Insular Superintendent Emily R. Carter relative to several issues at the school, it was disclosed in a press release from the insular superintendent's office.
"All structural issues at the campus which were potential threats to the health and safety of Kean High students, faculty and staff had been addressed prior to the students returning," Dr. Carter said. "However, as a result of work being performed at the campus during the days orientation sessions were held, several main facilities, such as the business classes, remain to be organized. In order for teachers to adequately prepare their rooms for instruction, we have determined that classes will be suspended for students only on Tuesday, Sept. 7."
The Superintendent said that all faculty and staff will report as usual on Tuesday and that students would return and classes would resume on Wednesday, Sept. 8.
"The lost Instructional time will be made up through an adjustment of the lunch period and extension of class time by five (5) minutes for each class period from Wednesday, Sept. 7 to Monday, Oct. 3," Dr. Carter added.
"The Office of the Insular Superintendent remains committed to providing a school atmosphere conducive to quality learning experiences for all the students of the Virgin Islands," concluded the superintendent.


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