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Questioning the Scope of the Rally


Dear Source,
It is with much interest, and a heavy heart, that I have been reading of the planned march and rally on St. John scheduled for Oct. 1st. As I've read all of the articles and public information on the plans for the group "We The People For Justice on Contract Day: In Solidarity for the Frett Family & Others Subjected to Racial Injustices in the Virgin Islands" and have considered their statements regarding "…extending our solidarity to the Frett family and others affected by violent & racist initiated crimes" and " We the People for Justice are firm in demanding our civil rights to have our human rights and order restored, and to have related issues resolved in our community so that these atrocities, especially violent sexual and racist attacks against our womenfolk, will Never Happen Again!" I have to stop and ask: Where was this group before? Where was this same group of concerned citizens when the (black) teen-aged girl was brutally gang raped in Marley Project last year? Where was this same group when a (white) tourist was brutally raped in her hotel room last season? Where was this same group when other heinous and oft-repeated crimes of hate and racial violence have been perpetrated on a DAILY basis for MANY, MANY YEARS in these same beloved Virgin Islands? Racial hate is racial hate is racial hate– regardless of the skin hue of the perpetrator or the victim.
Black on black crime is acceptable? Black on white crime is tolerable and understandable? These don't or haven't deserved the "support and solidarity" of "We the People…."??? Where has this group been while precious young girls of these beloved Virgin Islands have all too frequently been the victims of sexual abuse and incest within their own homes and communities?
If "We the People…." are going to march and rally, let it be for all of the heinous and abusive crimes being perpetrated for countless years here. Regardless of the race/culture of the perpetrator or the victim. Let the march and rally encompass all of these islands where hate and racially motivated crimes, crimes of violence and sexual crimes are not being solved or punished. Let them march to bring to light the perpetrators that are not being brought to justice and allowed to live within our communities and to continue in their evil acts. Let them march for the imprisonment of all of the adult men guilty of statutory rape and impregnation of 13 and 14 year old girls. Let them march and rally for the punishment of ALL perpetrators of evil that are running rampant amongst us. Regardless of the color of the skin.
This plague of disrespect and hate has no color other than the hue of evil. It is rampant in every sector, in every culture inherent and represented in these culturally integrated islands. This did not start with the influx of wealthy to the island of St. John. This did not start with the heinous assault of dear Mrs. Frett. This sister has been in my prayers since I first heard of the horrible act. Just as have my other brothers and sisters who have been victims of this scourge taking over in our beloved Virgin Islands.
If there is going to be a march and rally, let it be one from a position of honesty and reality. Let it not be an attempt at grandstanding and media attention. Let it be for the right reasons: Restoring peace, unity and justice FOR ALL—not just for a select sector. Right is Right. Peace, One Love and Light,
Leigh Miller
St. Croix

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