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Home Owners' Taxes


Dear Source:
It was refreshing to read that at least one senator recognizes the fact that most of the U.S. conducts its manner of assessing taxes based on the system I recommended in a letter to the editor. Now how long will it take the Senate to do something about it, or are they waiting until all of the locals owning property for years have lost it to taxes? It is time for locals (all colors) who invested in Paradise years ago to band together and demand tax rebates and reduction immediately. It is criminal what we are doing to those citizens that invested in their homeland and are now faced with losing their property due to escalated value, while their incomes at this stage of their lives are fixed. Let's start the clock today, and if by the time election comes around again it is not changed, then change the face of those elected. This is an old problem with an easy solution.
Renny Roker

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