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FYI: Senator Craig Barshinger Urges Phillips to Take Action


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Nov. 4, 2005 – Sen. Craig Barshinger, on Friday, asked Acting Commissioner George Phillips to promptly investigate a road situation in Estate Mariendahl, St. Thomas, which could prove dangerous to the residents of the area if left unattended. The road in question is on the right of the Lantern Laundry when driving towards Nadir on the Brookman Road. Due to the heavy rains of recent years, a portion of the roadway has crumbled leaving a gaping hole right on the outer edge of a wide corner on the road.
In a letter to Phillips Friday, the senator prompted the acting commissioner to look into the matter, and to inform him of what was needed to get the road repaired.
"Action must be taken immediately to avoid a catastrophic situation," Barshinger said. "This is the only entrance and exit to the residents home. If an incident were to occur, large emergency vehicles might have difficulty to access that road."
Craig W. Barshinger
Senator at Large


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