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US Customs and Border Protection Sinks Boating


Dear Source:

Perhaps "Morons and Idiots" would be a better label for the US Customs and Border Protection Department.
How can these geniuses rationally or logically force the implementation of undue hardships on small USVI businesses regarding the absurd reporting requirements for charter operators?
First, ferries are exempt which makes no sense at all since ferries carry the majority of passengers.
Second, not only has CBP completely failed to secure thousands of miles of our nation's borders, it also fails to objectively inspect any credible portion of the 8 million cargo containers entering our ports each year.
They wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on the ridiculous fences at USVI ports and ferry terminals when anyone can simply avoid the port of entry and easily dock or swim through the vast open areas of shoreline that begin just feet away from those fenced areas. This is evidenced by the many illegal aliens that do this every day along with countless drug smugglers.
With this in mind, how does making small boat charter companies, most them family owned and operated, filing extensive reports make us any safer?
Travelers on these wonderful charters already have to reenter through a customs checkpoint on their return. And how does CBP actually verify that the information submitted is correct?
There does not seem to be any intelligent person in charge at US Customs and Border Protection and that is pathetic. Criminals and terrorists are not going to come here on a returning charter boat cruise. A ferry, maybe.
First the federal government drastically destroyed any incentive for major investment in the USVI by imposing ridiculous restrictions on the economic development program, now they want to sink the local boating industry.
Not good.
Rob Pfriender
Long Island, NY

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