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GERS Board Selects New Administrator


Nov. 22, 2005 – Willis C. Todmann has been offered the position of Administrator of the Government Employees Retirement System. Carver C. Farrow, chairman of the GERS Board of Trustees, made the announcement in a press release Tuesday. Todmann has been serving in the position of Acting Administrator since November 2004. Laurence E. Bryan was fired that month and the firing sparked much controversy . (See "GERS Seeking New Leader, New Strategic Plan").
Farrow stated that the Board received 16 applications from several highly qualified individuals. A Select Committee of four trustees was appointed to review and rank the applications. Subsequently, seven applicants were interviewed by the Select Committee. The Select Committee made its decision and recommended Todmann to the entire board.
The board, according to the press release, unanimously approved the Select Committee’s recommendation. Farrow further stated that the selection of Todmann is conditional on the parties finalizing an employment agreement and confirmation of Todmann by the 26th Legislature. Farrow stated that he is optimistic that both of these conditions will be met before the end of the year.
Farrow added, "Mr. Todmann is a long-term employee of the System, has served in the position of Acting Administrator on numerous occasions, is well qualified and has demonstrated progressive leadership."
Todmann previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of the System.
Farrow stated that he is confident that Todmann is the best candidate to implement the provisions of the GERS Reform Act.
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