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Welcomes Break in Geiger Murder Case


Dear Editor:
It was wonderful to see that the terrible crimes against Mr. Gieger and his son have apparently been solved. What is most refreshing about this case is that is was not portrayed as a "hate" crime, despite being perpetrated against "whites" by "black" suspects.
Many could have and some undoubtedly may have tried to use this latest act of senseless violence to divide the great St. John community. In fact, some are actually upset and even outraged that this crime was solved prior to other crimes being solved.
It was obviously solved by the diligent, tireless and professional efforts of the St. John police who were aided by the cooperation of the community and for no nefarious other reasons as a certain element of off-island instigators would want us to believe.
Let this be the starting point for a new era of confidence in St. John's police, the renewed closeness of the whole community and the end of all the ridiculous innuendo and unfounded hatred which recently surfaced on this lovely, fortunate island paradise.
Perhaps if the "supporters" of victims of other unsolved crimes can commit to cooperating with the authorities and stop trying to unduly pressure them to artificially solve a particular case that those cases will also be solved with solid evidence and successful prosecutions.
A crime is a crime. It does not matter what color or race the victim or the perpetrator is, the result remains the same. The good people of St. John should embrace this big achievement and each other and put all the "race" and "color" nonsense aside for good. You have so much to be proud of today. Best regards,
Rob Pfriender
Long Island, N.Y.

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