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Reader Says That Protests Are Misdirected


Dear Source:

Once again, Mr. Moorhead has used his notoriety to disrupt St. John. To what purpose? To inconvenience shoppers and make them wait for their groceries? They will not sympathize with Moorhead's cause, but despise him for his interference with their day and with their island. Was it to upset the workers of the Starfish Market? These workers are wage earners trying to make enough to pay another days bills, and if the Marketplace closes, they may lose their pay. Will that endear Mr. Moorhead to them? I think not. Is the owner of Starfish Market as influential in the investigation of crimes in St. John as the police? The politicians? Not to my knowledge, and so again Mr. Moorhead apparently craves publicity more than he craves answers and justice. Now, he comes and does not even justify the reasons for his actions (though we all are smart enough to figure out what he is using as his basis, aren't we?).
Mr. Moorhead, the people of St. John are tiring of your nonsensical approach to getting answers on matters of such gravity. To say that one case resulted in findings faster than another is not unheard of. Sometimes evidence is gleaned faster than other times. As a visitor and future resident of St. John, I suggest that the people of the island, their neighbors from other islands, the people of the United States and the world, stick together to find answers, and do not let up on the government to gain these answers. And regardless of what the answers are when they come down to us, be civil and work to heal the wounds caused by this matter. But to follow the misdirected thinking of Mr. Moorhead will affect and hurt no one except the workers of St. John with loss of wages, loss of tourist dollars and loss of respect from each other and those who visit.
Mark Palasek
Merrick, N.Y.

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