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Reader Faults Police, Courts and Protesters


Dear Editor:
Talk about a big turkey? Attention shoppers, the biggest turkey of them all (which comes with "more head," and obviously much less brains at no extra charge) was seen clucking around aimlessly Wednesday outside the Starfish Market cowering like a crying lost hen while he encouraged his pathetic little, mindless flock to do the dirty deeds that he obviously was too much of a coward to do himself. How pathetic. Enough is enough.
Unfortunately, as Anne Ramsey has so kindly pointed out to me in her recent letter, it seems I apparently was very, very wrong (as were others) in my assumption, hope and effort to focus on the positive that St. John Police had cracked the Geiger case and improved their standing in the community.
Instead, the St. John Police, who every law abiding citizen on the island had been counting on to provide protection against this latest form of gangsterism sadly once again failed to take any action to enforce the laws. And that is unfortunate to say the least especially on the eve of a cherished American holiday and considering they had ample advance notice to prepare again.
They should have arrested any person who trespassed upon those businesses and also charged them with disorderly conduct and harassment. These publicity-hungry losers are clearly violating the civil rights of business owners, residents and tourists. The police really needed to step up to the plate and firmly put an end to this and other illegal activity.
What's even worse was that apparently police officials caved in to the ridiculous demand of these hooligans and arranged a telephone conference with federal officials to discuss the Frett case, an active and serious criminal investigation. That just encouraged more wrongful acts and shows weakness when officials should be demonstrating resolve and steadfastness to stop this nonsense.
Now it turns out that the cops apparently were not instrumental in solving the Geiger case and it was family and friends of the Geigers that hired a private investigation firm who solved this terrible crime.
At what point will the police commissioner realize he must take action and improve efforts to enforce the law? If the local police feel they are overwhelmed and cannot handle this situation they should make arrangements with other law enforcement agencies that can provide mutual aid. There is no shame in asking for help.
After a judge astoundingly released one suspect in the heinous crime against the Geiger family on his own recognizance I'm sure many are now shocked, upset and questioning if police and officials are serious and certainly many must feel very abandoned by officials.
My sincere condolences go to the Geiger family; Long Island is not so far away that we can't feel their pain.

Rob Pfriender
Long Island, N.Y.

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