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Why is Moorhead Doing This?


Dear Source:
As a Virgin Islander I am saddened and disgusted by the acts of Mr. Moorhead and those that chose to follow him. It makes absolutely no sense to boycott Starfish Market. What have they done? If Mr. Moorhead have this much power, then he and his followers should be on the steps of the courthouse in St. Thomas, speaking to the media through television shows, or taking an ad out in the paper. What Mr. Moorhead has done is taken a very fragile, sensitive issue such as rape and used it to justify his own personal vendetta against Starfish Market. What have they done to him? Did he have to wait too long in line? Did someone not bow to him as he entered the store? It had to have been something to make him use them as a target. Whatever it was, or wasn't, this is not the time to seek revenge. Justice is never served this way. It is the people and the community of St. John that is suffering. What is sickening is that people are actually following this man. Can no one see that his actions are misdirected? I very well doubt the victim wants to see her name used and dragged through mud for Mr. Moorhead's personal revenge. She should be able to deal with this issue in private, between herself, her family and the police. Not Mr. Moorhead and his followers. From a Crucian living in South Carolina.
Juliette Niles
South Carolina

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