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The Governor Needs a Break!


Dear Source:
Well, I guess sort of kudos to our good Governor for his veto of the proposed damning of the current $75K maximum on pain and suffering damages via automobile accidents which Jim Tunick so aptly described in his Source letter as being incredibly detrimental to business in the Virgin Islands.
Kudos were it not for the comment attached to his veto in which he said that he was planning on submitting a bill to the Legislature which would be more fair to all parties concerned.
$150K to Tourism to look into the feasibility of a floating hotel on St. Croix? Oh, come on, please! Don't we all know that St. Croix needs money put into general rejuvenation of the big island, in getting back the cruise ships, taking care of the crime issues which rightly or wrongly led the cruise ships to halt their calls? Put that money to GOOD use instead of dancing around and sinking it into some future project which puts money into a crony's pockets and will result in absolutely nothing.
15K for the St. John Love City Steel Pan Band to play at the St. Croix Agricultural Fair? Sorry, but that funding of $15,000 leaves me cold. The children should be out there looking for funding. Many of us have no problem giving to our youth as long as we are approached in the right way. At the right time and with good spirit.
Fourteen million dollars set aside for books for the Education Department to be spent by Education on VI Cultural Programs and technology equipment? The children who are part of these community efforts don't need any education about "culture" – they need the tools to live a life, which extends beyond their limited boundaries.
They also need to feel needed.
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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