Dear Source:
How can the government want a raise? When reading the Source everyday I see how much of a deficit we are in? I am currently living in Georgia, and I saw the mayor of this state took a major pay cut for two years, so the money that would have been given to her can go back into the budget and fix the major problems that the state is facing without raising taxes. You know what! It worked.
There are several problems facing the government of the Virgin Islands 1) Schools is not in good standards 2) Cost of living is extremely high that even the workers can't afford to have an apartment for themselves 3) No one can actually get a tax refund when it due to them… (You have to wait for a length of time to find money to distribute the monies). Also other than the Senates/Governors and some staff other government workers cannot be paid. This list can continue showing many instincts of what has plagued the Virgin Islands.
Please help me to understand why does the Senate needs to make ($40K to $60K). They already has a company vehicle that we supply the gas for, they frequent trips that we have to foot the bill for. Until we realized we are running ourselves to the ground, the problem will never cease. We have too many people who want to hold government offices for the major incentives/perks that are giving them. Disregard the "lil" man who is trying to put food on the table with a $5.15 job. Disregard the schools are not up to par that they are constantly put on probations. Disregard the crime is outrageous and also disregard there is nothing for the young ones to do after school, weekend or holiday break. We cannot revitalize a community if the money is going to people who is obviously doing TERRIBLE job. The purpose of you being in the government sector is to improve the community.
I do agree with the previous author, Mr. Devine: we need NEW BLOOD; NEW BREED…people we hope will go into the Senate that will help the community and not watch the pockets flourish. As to the question for a raise, "HELL NO" you already make enough!
Denise D. Peters
Atlanta, Georgia

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