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Cycling Season Kicks off with First Road Race


Feb. 6, 2006 – All three categories in Virgin Islands cycling had exciting sprint finishes in the South Shore Circuit Race on Sunday. The first-time course opened the season, and the spectators lining the finish area were not disappointed with the action.
The Elite level riders raced two loops of the 21-mile route, which included multiple climbs up Lowry Hill, Estate Sight and a long grind up the hill in Estate Work and Rest. The action was serious from the start, with attacks and counter attacks continuing throughout. Gabe Webber of Cruzan Sprockets mad the final jump with over four miles to go but was reeled in just before the finish by winner Jamie Keys of Endurance Sports and Alex Betencourt of STX 340.
The Expert category saw Glen Massiah of STX 340 nip unattached Jose Prado by a few bike lengths. Jose Prado, Messiah's teammate captured third and more points for their surging squad.
21 riders toed the line for the Sport group, generating the largest category of cyclists in Virgin Islands Cycling Federation history. Paul Trivino, of the brand new Twin City squad, captured his first win, out sprinting three other riders, including Jason Snow of the Sprockets, Dale Scope of STX 340 and Dick Isherwood of VITek.
The newly implemented team scoring system has radically changed the face of cycling in the territory and has increased the level of competition dramatically. The standings are Endurance Sports 23 points, STX 340 12 points, Cruzan Sprockets 6 points, Twin City 5 and VITek still looking for their first podium.
More information about cycling can be found at www.vicf.org.
South Shore Circuit Race February 5, 2006
Name Time Club
Elite – 42 miles
1. Jamie Keys 1:49.20* Endurance
2. Alex Betancourt 1:49.21 STX340
3. Gabe Webber 1:49.22** Sprockets
4. Danney Fontenelle 1:49.27 STX340
5. Sue Brown 1:49.28 Sprockets
6. John Riggs 1:49.29 STX340
7. Juancito Gario 1:49.30 STX340
8. Cumber Greaux 1:49.36 STX340
9. Tom Guthrie DNF Sprockets
10. John Harper DNF Sprockets
11. Wayne Patrick DNF Endurance
Expert – 21 miles
1. Glenn Massiah 56.03 STX340
2. Jose Prado 56.05
3. Jose Diaz 59.57 STX340
4. Chris Dorsey 59.59 Sprockets
5. Hanif Lafond 1:01.18 STX340
6. Kamal Russell 1:02.01 VITek*
7. Billy Lucas 1:02.01
8. Charles Hamel 1:02.02
9. Tim Norman 1:04.10
10. Colin Daugherty 1:04.26 Sprockets
11. Robert Bumann DNF Sprockets
Sport – 15 miles
1. Paul Trivino 41.42 Twin City
2. Jason Snow 41.44 Sprockets
3. Dale Scope 41.46 STX340
4. Dick Isherwood# 41.47 VITek*
5. Joseph Thomas 41.56 Endurance
6. Miguel Cruz 45.22 Twin City
7. Victor Cruz# 45.25 VITek*
8. Mathias Sampson 46.13
9. Luis Cruz 46.15 Twin City
10. Edwin Cruz 46.19 Twin City
11. Diego Grimaldo 46.24
12. Bevern Sage 48.21 STX340
13. Angel Arias 49.14
14. Conrad Hoover 48.52 VITek*
15. Ferdi Abraham 51.22 Endurance
16. Paul Gillette# 51.35
17. Mervin Mills 52.17 STX340
18. Gary Jett# 57.17
19. Andre Galiber 57.19 Endurance
20. Brian O'Reilly DNF VITek*
21. Ben Ramos DNF Twin City
*Lowry Hill climb prime
**South Shore sprint prime
Endurance: 5 points
STX340: 12 points
Cruzan Sprockets: 5 points
VITek*: 0 points
Twin City: 5 points
Endurance: 23 points
STX340: 20 points
Cruzan Sprockets: 6 points
VITek*: 0 points
Twin City: 5 points


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