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The Independent Citizens Movement Party Wants You


Dear Source:
What distinguishes the ICM Party of the VI from the other parties? We stand for: Good government, based on Justice, Freedom, and Progress. We believe in inclusiveness, the integration of all Virgin Islanders into the political process. We have the example of an exemplar leader in the late Governor Cyril E. King who set a standard of leadership yet to be matched.
Facts that should be noted are: Presently The ICM Party has three senators in the legislature, in the past we have had up to six senators. We have had continuous representation in the legislature. The second elected Governor was from the ICM Party. Thanks to freshman senator Ussie Richards from the ICM Party the party finally has the same standing as the other two parties. In the past the party attracted followers from different ethnic, social and economic strata of the Virgin Islands society.
We look forward to attracting residents from all social, economical and educational strata of the present Virgin Islands society. We are rebuilding the party based on principles and not personalities. We are the party of the people for the people. We encourage persons of good will who are interested in working with others to promote good government to join our efforts, join "the party that cares". The ICM Party cares about the people of the Virgin Islands; get involve.
Presently the ICM Party is reorganizing itself to regain its stature of yesteryears, in the years when the party was number one in leadership and number two in registered electors. We are the party with a plan, a program to improve our government. We take a stand on all issues important to the Virgin Islands such as: The status issue, political reform, government reorganization, the GERS, economic development, law and order, etc. We are looking for persons with integrity, intelligence and courage to be our representatives in the party and in government. Remember we believe in inclusiveness; all segments of the community are welcome; you are invited.
Do you love the Virgin Islands? Do you want to see positive changes in our community, positive changes in our government? Are you willing to work with others to improve the quality of life in the Virgin Islands? Political parties are important in the democratic system of government; they are supposed to offer political options to the electorate. Parties offer options based on political philosophies. Let us leave a political legacy for our children and grandchildren that they would be proud of and be grateful to us. If you want more information, please communicate with us; we look forward to receiving you inquiries. To join The ICM Party, VI you need to register at the Board of Elections in either district, St. Croix or St. Thomas/St. John. After you are registered, you may contact us at the address located in the head of this page. Welcome!

J. J. Estemac
St. Thomas

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