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FYI: Donastorg Asks Daily News to Halt Harassment


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March 3, 2006 – In a strongly worded letter to the Virgin Islands Daily News sent this week, Senator Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg advised executives that he would no longer tolerate any harassment.
The Daily News and its parent company Innovative Communications have resumed investigations of the senator and his family which he says border on "stalking".
Five years ago Donastorg was first finally able to document ICC's attempts to harass and uncover damaging information about him. Donastorg came into a position of a 6 inch thick dossier covering his activities, illegally obtained personal financial records and various information about his family, friends and staff.
The dossier, which was put together by a St. Croix private detective paid by VITELCO, also contained references to "digging up dirt" on the senator in any way possible and vicious speculations about rumored activities that were never substantiated. In fact, the detective concluded that they could not find any inappropriate information about Donastorg nor his associates.
In his letter to the Daily News, Donastorg wrote that it was "unconscionable" that he continue to be persecuted simply for doing his job as the people's representative.
"My privacy has been invaded again and again in your organization's effort to discredit me for simply speaking out against corruption and bad business practices. Everything I have ever said has been proven correct and, as the company hovers near bankruptcy, the shady dealings of ICC are now public record," Donastorg wrote.
"Perhaps now you should investigate all other public servants, to include all perspective gubernatorial candidates, and let's see if they hold up under the same scrutiny you have given my professional and personal life. I am certain the people of the Virgin Islands would expect you to treat all elected officials and candidates for office in the same manner, so I trust all these individuals are also being thoroughly investigated."
Donastorg told ICC executives at the Daily News that he anticipates that the investigations will intensify as we approach election day and that it was "quite apparent that ICC and the Daily New will both privately fund and publicly endorse any candidate" that opposes him and that in fact by all appearances this process has already started.
"I reminded the Daily News that Virgin Islanders are quite politically astute and easily see through this kind of manipulation," he said. "But if you read the Daily News it is clear they already have chosen the candidates they feel will best help them retain their monopoly."
Donastorg concluded his letter to the Daily News by stating that he was a father before he was an official and that he remained especially troubled by any effort to harm or harass his children.


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