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FYI: Barshinger Applauds Repeal of Federal Tax Law


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Mar. 17, 2006 – Senator Craig W. Barshinger, said Thursday, he is pleased at the recent decision of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to approve a repeal of a 1936 property tax law that prevented the Virgin Islands from developing its own property tax law.
"The old federal law served a purpose in the distant past," Barshinger said. "But lately, it has become a burden on our people, especially property owners on St. John, where property taxes have been skyrocketing for the past few years."
Barshinger said the repeal of the law, which will now go on to the full Senate, would allow the territory, through its legislators, to develop its own property tax code. The at-large senator has already submitted a bill request to the Legislature's Legal Counsel to this end.
Barshinger said the property tax issue is one of great importance because if the old federal law remains in place many residents, especially those on St. John, could be taxed out of their homes. He encourages residents to provide their input on the matter by emailing his office at [mailto:[email protected]][email protected] or calling 693-3546.
In order to assist the Legislature in formulating a fair and workable property tax law for the territory, Barshinger said he is forming the Land Tax Policy Committee, comprised of Virgin Islanders from diverse walks of life.
"Access to land and to a home is of paramount importance to all who call the Virgin Islands home," Barshinger said. "As such, I have found it necessary to ask for direct participation from the public on this issue."
He added, "Many communities in the states have grappled with problems similar to ours and succeeded. I am confident we can too."
Barshinger congratulates Delegate Donna M. Christensen for her efforts in getting the repeal passed.


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