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Tavern Licensing Bill Should Cover More Areas


This bill should also include the area on the Brookman Road. Currently there are approximately five bars/restaurants and no parking. This is a road hazard as the patrons park on both sides of the road and walk in the road as well. Why do we need five bars all in a row within a limited amount of space? A review of those operators a few weeks ago revealed that they did not even have the necessary running water in their establishments. Instead of closing them down permanently, they allowed them to be connected to a water supply. This included digging up the road, adding to its deterioration once again. Whoever gives permission and "licenses" for these individuals to operate in these areas is doing a disservice to the motoring public and the community at large. The area is congested and needs rehabilitation immediately.
Glendia B. Caines
St. Thomas, V.I.

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