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Tempers Flare, Engines Fume, While DPW Works 8 to 5


Tempers are flaring, engines are overheating and residents are scratching their heads while the Public Works Department lackadaisically works eight to five on the Kanal Gade culvert project that has had traffic backed up since the start of the project on Monday.
If Public Works felt it was necessary to start construction on the Waterfront culvert before the end of tourism season and the school year and just as Carnival festivities are gearing up, then they should at least have had the good sense to get it over as quickly as possible.
We see no reason why the department shouldn't be running the job around the clock using three shifts. Doing so would allow the job to be done in 30 days or less – not the painful 90 we are facing with flaring tempers and unnecessary aggravation.
Commissioner Phillips, get those men out there 24-7 and let's get this over with.

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