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Older Americans Month Champions Independence


May 5, 2006 – America's aging population reached a turning point in 2006. One of the nation's largest generations, the baby boomers, started turning 60. As many as 78 million people constitute the baby boom generation, and they stand to make an enormous contribution to the rich character and wisdom older adults offer to all of us.
This May, the Department of Human Services Division of Senior Citizen Affairs will celebrate Older Americans Month in the territory. This year's theme, "Choices for Independence," reflects the continued commitment of the U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA) and Human Services to help our community prepare for a larger aging population and to bolster the efforts of baby boomers and older adults to achieve healthy aging. Independence for adults as they age relies on a balance of important elements: empowerment in consumer choice, healthy lifestyles that emphasize nutrition, physical activity, prevention, active participation in one's health care and access to the tools necessary to make informed decisions. Combined, these elements help all adults maintain the dignity they deserve, providing more opportunities to live longer independently while contributing to communities they cherish.
AoA supports the desire of older adults to live in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. This year Human Services has a schedule of activities throughout the month that reflect goals ranging from Walk-A-Thons to health and fitness to cultural and citizenship days.
If you would like information for yourself or someone you care about, call 774-5265 or 774-0930 on St. Thomas or 772-9811 on St. Croix.


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