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Alternative Energy Is the Future


Dear Source:

In response to Mr. Devine's comments you have not hit the nail on the head but drove it thru WAPA's heart. Alternative energy is our only way out now as consumers but we must keep the ball rolling. I have been exploring different forms of state of the art, invertors, solar panels, wind generators etc. The panels as indicated are quite expensive along with the battery banks to store the dc power before getting thru the invertors to provide 120/60.
Wind Generators are most economical tied into an invertors direct into the grid "Grid-Tie". There are wind turbines with a cost of $500.00 that put out 600 watts at peak, starting at 7 m.p.h. providing power, verses a solar panel of a 100 watts to charge batteries and a minimum amount depending on the size of the project a minimum of 30 panels would be necessary at around $500.00 per panel. So back to the wind generator at 600 x 2 = 1200 watts constant thru an invertors and an optional battery bank for off peak hours to run the home.
Bottom line, we can power our homes while at work for at least 12 hrs. grid-tied and stop the meter (no movement no charge). Now lets expand the power source with a larger wind generator or (2) small generators, a 3 to 5 k invertors a battery bank of 6 volts deep cycle batteries tied in series and voila the average homeowner gets to turn Bruno backwards. Now we have no bill, with the famous LEAC charges but a credit that the Authority will owe the consumer/seller due we are providing power to them. Mr. Bruno Vega has been trying his best to slow this movement down and he is losing his grounds as of 2007 he must agree to reimburse homeowners for their assistance. We in the Virgin Islands are second to Arizona with Sun Coverage. First the consumers should start with the use of CFL's or even LED's for home lighting, converting my home turned from 1191 kwh consumed to approximately 800, quite a difference. So do the math and can run your home while you out and even when your home thru these systems? The answer it's as easy as you think. Propane conversion is also a huge savings re; dryers, electric stove, and water heaters if you have electric put a timer on it for a few hrs at peak time while your home at nights (4) hrs is sufficient, and 20 hrs. off.
In 2007 lets stop the meter.

William Steve Serge
St. Thomas

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