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A Former Candidate Votes


Dear Source:
A long time ago, in another place and another life, I ran for public office. It was the most intense experience of my life, including my military basic training time. I ate, slept and dreamt that election. Coincidentally, it lasted eight weeks as well.
A candidate has a very difficult challenge. That person truly becomes a public servant during that time. People expect a resolving answer to every problem. I sincerely believe, at this point, every candidate really wants to help. But so many people have so many problems.
Do you know the four words that I would hear that instantly changed my desire to help? They were: "I don't vote because" Regardless of what was said afterwards, it was very hard to put my heart into it for people who are making some sort of statement by not voting.
Is it not a bit selfish to refuse to vote because one's perfect candidate is not on the ballot? Take the time to know what the choices are and vote. Personally, I am concerned about specific comments that have been made (and not made) about interpersonal violence but that is my issue.
Keep in mind, incumbents are not identified as incumbents on the ballot. Look at every contest, from the high profile races to the Board of Elections campaign. There is no such thing as a "minor election" anytime, especially in the next one coming.
I am very proud to vote. I hope you feel the same way.

Robert Kunkel
St. Thomas

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