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V.I. Cardiac Center Project Gets $10,000 Gift


Feb. 29, 2008 — The Stanford Financial Group has donated $10,000 toward construction of the V.I. Cardiac Center, and the Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center continues to raise money in other ways, as well.
"We hope to be able to foster a relationship with this prestigious global company that will continue to be a benefit to our hospital and the patients we serve," said Rashidi Clenance, the hospital's public relations/fund-raising officer, in a Thursday interview with the Source.
Getting a big check from a community-minded donor is good for the center, but getting those big checks is not all the center relies on, Clenance said. The hospital wants to develop unique fund-raising methods. Its fund-raising department has come up with many different ways where residents can put their money where their heart is, according to Clenance.
The center has fund raisers such as memorial bricks, car washes, a coin drive and the Hope Heart bracelet. Clenance and his sister, Kamilah Clenance, were talking about bracelets, and they came up with the idea of a fund raiser selling bracelets with the Cardiac Center logo. Thus was born the concept of the Hope Heart sterling silver and gold bracelet.
Clenance approached the VIMI Bracelet Company about designing the bracelet, and the owners agreed to help, covering the production costs. The end result was unveiled Dec. 19 at the hospital's mini festival parade. It has been popular ever since production began in January.
All available stock has sold out, said Miguelina Luke, co-owner of VIMI Bracelet.
"At this time we are taking orders," Luke said.
No one can be sure whether the attraction was completely the desire to support the center or affection for the design by VIMI's Jauni Lahtinen.
"People like the design and have fallen in love with it," Clenance said. "It is symbolic of caring hands for loving hearts."
The unisex bracelet features two hands embracing a heart. The 6mm piece costs $225 and the 8mm runs $245. Special orders are taken for solid-gold bracelets.
Sizing and orders are done exclusively at VIMI Bracelet at 1000 Kings Alley, Christiansted.
The proceeds, other than production costs, will go to the Cardiac Center, Clenance said.
Another fund raiser is the ongoing memorial brick initiative. The hospital is opening up the campaign to the general public, Clenance said. The goal is to sell 1,000 community bricks within three months.
"A memorial brick is the perfect way to pay respect to a person or organization you would like remembered forever," Clenance said.
The 4-by-8-inch bricks cost $100 and can hold up to 30 characters. The 8-by-8-inch bricks cost $250 and can hold up to 60 characters. A $1,500 prize is offered for the most creative message on a brick.
Clenance is currently organizing a coin drive in which all local schools may take part. The school that raises the most money will be treated to an end of the year party. Clenance will serve as MC, and DJ Poppy Pops will provide music. There will be live music, but the band hasn't been pinned down yet, Clenance said.
Car washes offer another way for residents to give — and get a cleaner car at the same time. A car wash was held last weekend, and more are planned in the near future.
Another big donation was made by the St. Croix Seventh Day Adventists, who gave $25,000 in October. The gift marked the first donation in the With a Heart initiative to raise funds for the cardiac center. The ball kept rolling with the American Legion Women making a donation of $1,000 in October. Those donations will be used to purchase equipment or furnish rehabilitation or examination rooms.
At a cost of $24 million, the center will provide state-of-the-art cardiac services and interventions to the residents of the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. The hospital already provides cardiovascular care, such as angioplasty, heart catheterization and pacemaker implants, among other treatments.
For more information about the hospital's fund-raising initiatives, call the fund-raising office at 778-6311, ext. 2862, or 643-0459.
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