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Please Don't Let It Happen


Dear Source:

Please do not let the tranquility and beauty of Christmas Cove be destroyed by greed. Willy T's is a landmark for fun and depravity. I have enjoyed many last nights of cruising at Willy T's and absolutely love their swordfish entree. I looked forward to it because we rarely ate off our vessel while cruising. Running into friends we had met on past sails and yes sometimes getting a little crazy. But Christmas Cove, please no, don't let it happen.
Recently I read that Maho Bay Camp site is for sale?? I thought it was part of the National Park. We in Bucks County spend tax dollars to buy up open space in order to retain some of beauty that is quickly disappearing. Why not ask the senate or whomever is in charge to buy that land for St. John residents.
Now I hear of building on Water Island, what's next? Fight for the beauty your islands still enjoy and do not take no for an answer. Although I will never again be able to enjoy the beauty myself, I pray residents and visitors fight for the fish, the coral, fight for peace.
Jean Cockayne
Bucks County, Penn.

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