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Brief: Residents Might See Blowing Smoke Sunday


People in Frederiksted Sunday morning might see smoke drifting up through household drains, manholes or cracks in the ground, but there will be no fire—it will just be the V.I. Waste Management Authority smoke testing some sewer lines to test for cracks.

Starting 9 a.m., the WMA will be testing the sanitary sewer system serving the Bank of Nova Scotia on Strand Street in Frederiksted, WMA officials said in a statement.

Smoke will be blown into the sewer lines to locate places where storm waters are entering the sewer system and where odors are entering the building. This test is a part of a plan to evaluate the cause of odors reported in the area of the bank.

According to WMA, the non-toxic smoke, specially manufactured for this purpose, leaves no residuals or stains and has no effect on plants, animals or humans.

If smoke enters the building, that will indicate one or more possible problems, including: improperly installed or defective sewer connections; improperly installed or defective traps under sinks, tubs, basins and other drains; and damaged pipe connections and seals in your building, according to the statement from WMA.


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