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Figtree Force Main Experiencing Problems, Area Being Excavated

The V.I. Waste Management Authority advises St. Croix residents that a leak in the Figtree force main sewer line that runs along Hess Road has been discovered. Corrective measures are currently being taken to minimize the environmental impact to the surrounding areas. The authority’s task force contractor, GEC LLC, is currently evaluating the situation and excavation of the area will commence on Friday, Feb. 25, to assess the situation. Until the area is excavated, the extent of the problem will not be known.
Traffic in the area of Hovensa along Hess Road will be minimally impacted. Motorists are asked to reduce vehicular speed when entering the area and to adhere to the directives of the flagmen.
In order to repair the force main line, the station was taken off-line on Friday morning. During the shutdown, sewage will bypass into the Figtree Gut, which discharges to the sea east of Hovensa.
Residents and boaters are asked to avoid the Figtree Gut and the Hovensa beach area over the next several days until the repairs are completed and the system is back on line.
The VIWMA advises all residents with impacted immune systems to avoid the area along the Hess Road and the beach during this time as the sewage may contain contaminants that will negatively impact one’s health.
The authority apologizes for any inconvenience that this project may cause while it works diligently to upgrade and improve the sewer system in this area.
For more information, contact VIWMA’s Office of Communications Management at 712-4950 or 712-4951.


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