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Book Revew: Is the Ark of the Covenant in St. Croix?

Book Revew: Is the Ark of the Covenant in St. Croix?

St. Croix resident J.P. Noel’s recently published book “The Ark of St. Croix,” gives readers a fascinating look at two equally compelling stories about the author’s search for truth.

The first story is about Noel’s euphoric experience with being bitten by a local insect. He weaves the reader through his exhilarating experience, putting us in touch with both his vulnerabilities and strengths in his search for answers. Noel tries to find a method to obtain and research the insect’s venom, so that it might be used to extract its powerful and healing effects for possible medical use.

That first journey leads to a second, and even more fantastic, search. While Noel struggles through the process of locating a lawyer and entomologist to further his cause, he stumbles across a the remains of an unusual building in Salt River Bay in St. Croix – the site where Columbus originally landed. Fascinated by the ruins, Noel takes his readers on an almost-unbelievable journey dating all the way back to the 10th century.

As he begins to research the history of St. Croix in search for possible clues about the building, Noel is struck by the historical presence of the Knights of Malta on St. Croix. Digging through hundreds of documents and spending nearly three thousand hours on his quest, he takes us on a wild conspiracy theory – that one of the most revered holy items in the history of religion, the Ark of the Covenant, may actually be on the island.

In "The Ark of St. Croix," he lays out the captivating history of the Knights Templar, who he says were charged with protecting the Ark, and their demise as an organization. He then suggests that the Knights Hospitaliers, also known as the Knights of Malta, were entrusted with the Ark’s possession.

Finally, Noel leads readers to the crux of his story, in which he explains how the Knights purchased St. Croix in 1651. He believes they chose St. Croix as the holding ground for the Ark. Of course, he goes into great detail about the period of unrest the Knights were facing prior to the move, and the many possibilities of why they would have chosen the island for the ultimate repository for the Ark.

Backed up with facts and historical truths to support his extraordinary claim, Noel gives a riveting account of numerous coincidences which the reader will find compelling. He includes some key dates and people – such as Abraham Lincoln, and the famous Rockefeller family. While some may claim the coincidences are hard to add up, one can’t help but feel the need to research the material to find answers to all the questions Noel poses.

One of the most delightful parts of "The Ark of St. Croix" is the author’s digital art that covers the entire book. Whether one buys the digital PDF, a CD-ROM, or the hardcopy, the reader won’t be disappointed by the intricate artwork that Noel has done almost entirely himself.

"The Ark of St. Croix" can be purchased by visiting Noel’s websites, www.thestcroixark.com or www.arkofthecovenant.me.


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