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Sanctuary Art and Yoga Gallery Presents Art and Lecture

Sanctuary Art and Yoga Gallery Presents Art and Lecture

Students from the Manor School visited The Sanctuary, taking notes, in their efforts towards learning to write an art critique.
When first entering The Sanctuary Art and Yoga Gallery, the “Three Journeys” eye labyrinth meets the viewer. It is a ten foot by seven foot piece executed in house paint, acrylic and enamel paint, with an oil glaze. Next to this largest piece in the show, “Images from a Hundredth Journey: Yantras, Labyrinths, and Other Vignettes of Light,” are five small acrylic images meant to engage the viewer as a yantra. One of the pieces, “There Is a Whole in Everything” is a parody on Leonard Cohen’s song “There Is a Crack in Everything.” This work is a visual dialogue about the opportunities an individual has to interact with the underlying energy moving in all things. The I-Pad piece, “New Technologies, New Paradigms of Living,” is a statement on the language of new communication technology and its influence on the understanding of personal power.
Cindy Male, artist and art educator will give an artist talk on imagination at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 8. She will relay her ideas about the importance of visualization as related to art in the Caribbean. It is open to the public. The gallery is located at No. 5 Company Street behind the ReMax building in a lovely courtyard also including Machete Machete Gallery and Bassin Fine Art.


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