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Weekend Police Patrols Net Three Arrests


Police on St. Thomas arrested a woman who damaged property in her mother’s home and nabbed two people on separate charges of driving under the influence when vehicles they were driving caused traffic to be disrupted, according to the V.I. Police Department.

Aretha Defoe, 32, was charged with destruction of property/domestic violence. Police said the victim, a 68-year-old woman, told officers that when she arrived home she saw a woman she did not know in her home and questioned her daughter, Aretha Defoe, about it. The mother and daughter began to argue, and the female left the residence. When the mother tried to call 911, Defoe grabbed her from behind and threw her on the bed. Defoe also broke some ornaments and damaged a door. The mother was not injured during the incident.

Defoe was arrested Sunday and denied bail due to the domestic violence charge. She was remanded to the Bureau of Corrections pending further court action.

Shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday, Christopher Dodson, 35, of St. Peter Mt Road, was arrested after police said he fell asleep while driving. According to officers his car was obstructing traffic, and when police woke him, they noticed a strong odor of alcohol on him. He was also unable to stand properly, the police report notes.

Miguel Chevalier, 63, of Estate Contant, was arrested at about 9:28 p.m. Sunday. Chevalier was involved in an auto accident. Police at the scene said he was unable to keep his balance, had slurred speech and failed the field sobriety test.

Bail for the two DUI suspects was set at $500 each, and they were remanded to the Bureau of Corrections pending further court action.


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