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Government Wants Drug Raid Defendants Held Without Bail


Clad in red Bureau of Corrections jumpsuits, six defendants arrested over the weekend during an FBI drug raid were advised of their rights Monday in District Court and will be held without bail pending a detention hearing scheduled for later in the week.

The FBI has released few details, but late Saturday the agency issued a brief press release announcing that Jerome Potter, Herbert Mason Ferguson Sr., Herbert Mason Ferguson Jr., Marisol Ferguson, Terrance Martin, Robert Shinners and Earl Skelton were arrested Friday in connection with “violations of various narcotic trafficking charges” and remain in custody.

Four of the seven defendants are believed to be St. John residents.

Further details regarding the raid have not been released.

Cocaine, marijuana and weapons were seized as the result of related search warrants, the press release indicated.

All the defendants except Shinners appeared Monday before District Court Magistrate Judge Ruth Miller. The exchange between the judge and defendants was brief and still tight on details, since it was indicated that documents in the case are currently under seal, with attorneys anticipating more arrests going forward.

In the meantime, it was recommended that bail be denied for each defendant. While Miller set the detention hearing for 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kim Lindquist asked that the government be allowed the full three days — until Thursday — to prepare. Citing scheduling conflicts, Miller said the two sides would try to work it out, leaving the official time for the hearing to be determined.


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