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Registration Open for UVI Summer Class: How to Create a Web Site

The University of the Virgin Islands is reaching out to the community with a new class that will take place during the summer session that will show how to create Web sites. The class is comprehensive and will include all phases of setting up a Web site. Students will have a chance to secure their own URL (that’s a web address like www.yoursite.com), secure hosting for the site and develop the pages that will be seen by everyone. Creating the art, music, backgrounds and the message are all part of this class. No prior experience is assumed.
The UVI Communication Program utilizes state-of-the-art software to teach how to create Web sites. This class utilizes Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5 in a comprehensive approach to starting a site.
During UVI’s summer session, the classes are intense and are held every day of the week. This class meets Monday through Friday from 1-3 p.m. in the Communications Lab starting May 14. UVI’s first summer session ends June 18.
The instructor is UVI Professor of Communication Dr. Alexander Randall. He is from “The Teacher Is In” on WTJX, where he teaches the television audience about how to use the Internet and the World Wide Web.
Dr. Randall says, “Web sites are fun and they give us the opportunity to spread our message to the whole world. The web levels the playing field, giving people on our islands the same advantage in communication as people living in big cities on the mainland.”
For more information, call 514-9995.


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