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So Many Have Helped Us


Dear Source:
On behalf of the shops, restaurants and guest services at Mongoose Junction, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the countless number of people who participated, in ways large and small, helping us to get back up and going after the fire last week, including the Fire Department, water trucks, St. John Rescue, EMS, WAPA crews, countless volunteers and our friends near and far who sent thoughtful letters and offers of support. We are so fortunate to live on St. John, and in the Virgin Islands, where there is a tremendous sense of community pride, and a compassion that rivals the physical beauty of our islands.
So many people were effected, but all of our hearts go out to the people effected most by the events, the two business that are now in the process of rebuilding and especially the designer, developer and resident genius of Mongoose Junction, Glen Speer. His passion for excellence in design makes Mongoose Junction what it is architecturally, and this in turn has engendered a sense of community spirit here and beyond. He also is very handy with a fire hose, as he demonstrated last week.
Plans are in the works, for both short and long term projects for the small area affected by the fire, and many exciting changes will begin to unfold over the next weeks. Come see us; Mongoose Junction is just as gracious and beautiful as ever. You’ll find live music every night of the week, dazzling shops and galleries with local art, fabulous bars and restaurants to relax in, lush terraces, gardens, historically inspired architecture, many amenities and, generally speaking, a parking place. Again, our thanks, and we look forward to serving you!
Linda Gabriel, President Mongoose Merchants Association


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