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FYI: Sen. Berry Requests Police Information


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Jan. 27, 2006 – In a letter yesterday Senate President Lorraine L. Berry requested Police Commissioner Elton Lewis to supply her office with information detailing the status of island-wide police patrols, to include the areas, the shifts, times of patrol; plus the names of the patrolling officers.
Berry stated a rash of burglaries have taken place, beginning approximately six months ago, in Estates Hull Bay; Bonne Resolution; Lerkenlund; St. Peter; Dorothea; Wintberg and Mandahl and other outlying areas.
Berry further noted in Senate budget hearings, she has also fought for greater equipment and training for the police department, in response to its contention that a greater number of patrol cars would factor in as an important tool in curbing crime.
Berry pointed out that this argument would no longer prevail unless island-wide patrolling is more efficiently rendered, more obvious and proves to be an effective deterrent in curbing these unprecedented burglaries.


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