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The National College Board Honors Antilles Teacher as Best


Feb. 15, 2006 – According to the 2006 "Advanced Placement Report to the Nation," Antilles School and advanced placement microeconomics teacher David Tyler have been honored because their AP program in microeconomics is one that "leads the world by having the widest segment of their entire school population score 3 or higher on this AP Exam." Antilles, with 120 students in grades 10-12, was compared to others schools with less than 300 students in these grades and was honored as the Exemplary AP Microeconomics Program among all of them.
In the report, AP grade distribution of the 32,359 AP microeconomics exams given in academic year 2005 recorded in all schools, worldwide, participating in Advance Placement Program, were broken down into the 5 point scale: 5-extremely well qualified; 4-well qualified; 3-qualified; 2-possibly qualified; 1-no recommendation.
U.S. Department of Education studies have found that a high school curriculum of academic intensity and quality such as is found in AP courses is a powerful predictor of bachelor's degree completion and that an AP Exam grade of 3 or higher is "a remarkably strong predictor of performance in college."
Antilles School currently offers 13 AP courses. Usually students must qualify to take an AP course; Tyler remarkably allows any student wanting to take his AP Microeconomics or Macroeconomics (offered in alternating years) to enroll in his class, and yet his students always excel on their AP exams. He has also been voted "Outstanding Teacher of the Year" by Antilles School students.


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