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Innovative Cable TV Launches High Definition Service


Innovative Cable TV launched high-definition television programming and digital video recorders throughout the territory on March 14. Graciela Rivera, general manager of Innovative Cable TV, said, “High-definition programming and digital video recorders are products that customers have been requesting for quite some time, and we are very excited about these important additions to our Innovative offerings.”
Two new Motorola set-top converters were introduced to Innovative customers this week. Customers choosing HD/DVR converters will have the ability to record shows digitally to view at their convenience and will also have the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind live TV.
“Thirteen HD channels have been added to our current expanded level of service with a mix of varied and diverse popular channels to appeal to a wide variety of current and new subscribers, including ESPN HD, Travel Channel HD, USA HD, a new channel, Universal HD and more. These channels are available to all expanded service customers with an HD converter and an HDTV,” Rivera said.
Seth Davis, Innovative Companies’ chief executive officer, commended the employees who brought this launch to completion. “Five months ago the new senior management team came on board committed to investing in Innovative’s capital infrastructure and working closely with our employees to improve the quality of service at Innovative. Everyone has worked diligently to ensure that we could offer these exciting new services to our community by the timelines outlined in our four-year modernization plan. We are looking forward to more product launches and improvements in 2011,” said Davis.


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