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V.I. Lottery Announces “2011 Carnival” Special Edition Ticket


Carnival is the Virgin Island’s signature event where thousands hit the parade route in exciting, cultural and colorful costumes. The Virgin Islands Lottery is celebrating the St. Thomas Carnival by featuring 19 of the territory’s best Carnival photos on the April 28th Traditional Lottery ticket, according to a press release from the V.I. Lottery.
“Although this ticket will be in time to celebrate St. Thomas Carnival, we want to also feature revelers from St. Croix and St. John wearing their most colorful costumes during the St. Thomas Carnival,” said A.C. Burgess, special assistant to the director of the V.I. Lottery.
Entries can be submitted to the Lottery’s Web site at winusvilottery.com <http://winusvilottery.com/> . While there, vote for a favorite carnival photo. The photo with the most votes will be featured on the ticket with other photos selected by the judging committee. Selected photos will win $20 each.
The “2011 Carnival” ticket is another in a series of tickets focusing on local topics to personalize the tickets to the community including St. Croix AgFest, St. Thomas Step Streets, Love Your Pet and Lucky Virgin Islanders.

The 2011 Carnival ticket will go on sale on April 14 and be drawn on April 28. Individual tickets are $1.50 each. Full sheets are $30.The grand prize is $175,000 with a total of $330,000 in prizes available. Tickets are available at dealers outside any V.I. Lottery office, Anna’s Market, MoneyGram locations and other dealers.
For more information: A.C. Burgess at 774-2502.


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