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Mystery Movie at Magens May Be Part of Latest in 'Twilight' Saga


There’s still no official confirmation, but several sources are saying the movie scenes being shot under tight security Friday at Magens Bay on St. Thomas are for nothing less than the latest installment of the "Twilight" series.

The Twilight saga tells the story of Bella, a human teenage girl, and Edward, her vampire lover. It was originally published as a series of novels by Stephenie Meyer, and has since been turned into a wildly popular movie franchise starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Thursday workers began quietly setting up moviemaking equipment on the far west end of Magens Bay beach, and appeared to be filming from Friday afternoon into early Saturday morning. The area around the set was roped off and closely guarded by security personnel, as was a large section of ocean near the set.

By late Saturday morning workers started dismantling the equipment.

When queried about the scene Thursday, tourism official Steven Borrn would only say that "a small production" was being filmed.

But individuals working at the beach on Friday, who had contact with security personnel at the movie set, Saturday told the Source that the scene being re-shot was the "honeymoon scene" from "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn," the fifth and final installment of the hugely popular series.

A producer and key grip at the set refused to confirm that the scene was in fact from "Breaking Dawn," but they did not deny it either. Both said they were not allowed to speak due to non-disclosure agreements, and asked not to be identified.

The Source was unable to reach any other officials Sunday afternoon to confirm.

Beach sources were also told by workers on the set that the honeymoon scene was originally shot in Brazil several months ago. Several celebrity gossip Web sites confirm this. In the novel on which the movie is based, the two main characters go to a fictional island off the coast of Brazil for their honeymoon.


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