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Spectrum Band Takes Carnival Road March Title … Again


For the second consecutive year, the Spectrum Band has captured the Carnival Road March title, this time around with their hit, "Boom," which, according to the band, was played more times during last week’s parades than any other song.

"The band members and I were simply ecstatic when we heard unofficially on Sunday night that ‘Boom’ had won the road march title …. and tonight’s official announcement by the V.I. Carnival Committee confirms that ‘Boom’ was played on the parade route more than any other musical composition," Malvern Gumbs, Spectrum’s general manager and lead vocalist, said in a statement Monday night.

The catchy tune was on the dial for a number of the steel bands during the Children’s Parade, while many of the troupes in the Adult’s Parade had it blaring over their loudspeakers. By the end of Saturday, it appeared that even the crowds along the route had the lyrics — at least the chorus — memorized, as they danced and sang along.

Spectrum also captured the 2010 title with their song, "Kallaloo," which was also played in this year’s parades. In his statement, Gumbs attributed the band’s success to teamwork and the members’ consistent training and "presence in the V.I. music industry" over the years. The band is also fronted by songbird Lorna Freeman-Dennis, who Carnival commentator Irvin "Brownie" Brown described this year as the "most beautiful voice in the Virgin Islands."

Gumbs said Monday that “Boom” is meant to create a visceral experience for listeners and uses the "George of the Jungle" theme to depict "the rumble that comes from the walls of the speakers that are all around us at Carnival, from the Village to the field and the parades."

The band’s 2011 album, also entitled "Boom," features other songs including “Chookin’ Down the Road,” “Never,” “No More Rum Song,” and “Go Down.”

Along with Gumbs and Freeman-Dennis, other band members include: Patrick “Soljah” Farrell, Akeel Breedy, Donald Birmingham, George “Freresoul” Thomas, James Gittens and Wayne Samuel.


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