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IGBA Meeting Discusses Pending “Basement Law”


The Island Green Building Association (IGBA) will hold a community meeting to discuss a pending law that would allow existing Virgin Islands homes to legally fill in “basement” living space underneath, regardless of zoning and permitting violations. The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 8, at the Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cruz Bay (across from Connections).
The proposed “basement law” says that, as long as a home has a certificate of occupancy (CO) by the date the vote passes, a homeowner would only need to come forth and apply, and could be granted amnesty if they are compliant with septic/sewer, parking and building code standards.
IGBA feels there are many ramifications that need to be discussed by the community and planned carefully before this legislation is passed, as it can create density, zoning, parking, visual impacts and environmental issues for the future.
The law has already passed committee, and is likely to get a final vote by the Senate on Wednesday, Dec. 14. IGBA has worked quickly to set up the community meeting, with a discussion panel to include senators, architects, zoning professionals and DPNR officials. Public and homeowner participation is encouraged, and all are welcome. Visit the IGBA Web site at www.igba-stjohn.org or call Karen Vahling at 227-1110 for more information.


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