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We Must Not Lose Faith in Voting


Dear Source:
I strongly believe that the voice of the millions of people throughout the world in years gone by, who have fought long and hard for the right to vote is now being heard from their graves in every corner of the Virgin Islands urging us to “vote” and “vote” we must… …no matter what… …and inspite of all the odds…We must Vote to build a better future for all.
As we embrace the upcoming electing with so much uncertainty of whether the election process is indeed a fair and just process we must not lose faith in voting. Voting is our only chance for “change”. It is “hope” for a better future. It is our voice, and we must speak out loud with a strong voice. We must vote even if we have questions such as: Will our vote be counted? Will our vote be recorded in the manner it is intended to? Will our vote make a difference in these difficult times? Is the election process corrupted or not? How can we be sure that change will come if we brace the long lines, the bad weather, the pushy poll watches and all that comes with Election Day?
Make no mistake if we do not go out and vote in records numbers our oppressors would surely win this battle, and we will be far worse off than we are now. My people we cannot remain silence no longer. We cannot sit back and hug up the injustice any longer. We must make a stand and “vote” like our lives depend on it, for it does. In this election it is not about “party” it is about “we” the “people”. It is our pain of suffrage that we are voting to put an end to. It is for the economic future of our children and their children to come why we must vote to put an end to the Status Cho once and for all. We must “vote” to enable all of us to enjoy a better standard of living. We must “vote” to grow and build the Virgin Islands to secure our future. It is indeed time for us to rebuild our beauty full Virgin Islands on behalf of all the people. Please my people show your anger and come out and vote for change. Vote for future and mind, and Leave the symbol alone!
Shirley M. Sadler, St. Thomas


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